Saturday, December 12, 2009


Even though it's HOT and I've been mad at the weather. I have finished my latest project. I'm so happy because I was able to finally carve a piece of my back yard, just for me. MY NEW POTTING AREA. I don't have a pretty wooden potting bench, like the ones I see in the garden magazines. I'm making do with this plastic party fold-up table, and it's working pretty good. I can finally keep all my supplies in one area.
The only other thing I need is one of those Rubbermaid small plastic shed, in order to protect my tools from the elements, without having to bring them in my house. I don't have a garage.

I found a spot to display and enjoy my bird house collection. These are just for me. I only have one real bird house, it's in the front yard near a feeder, but I have not had much luck with it. I think is maybe......... the birds don't feel safe. I'm going to have to do some research on that, because I would love to have an active bird house. How great would that be!

I'm still working on my orchids, I have plenty of work still left with them!


  1. It looks like a great area for potting, and working on planting. I like how you decorated it with the birdhouses. Sometimes it takes a long time for birds to discover the birdhouse. Some types like certain size holes to use. You could see what types of birds visit your yard and then find out what types of houses they like. The wrens here will nest in just about anything, including the decorative type.

  2. Oh I like your potting area. Looks like a perfect little spot.

    Cute bird houses too!

  3. I need a potting area in my garden also, I have some ideas but my space is limited. Bird houses need to be high otherwise the birds don’t feel safe.