Thursday, July 22, 2010

My favorite tree ever! THE ROYAL POINCIANA.

This masterpiece of god is truly ROYAL, with her light spreading branches that seam to want to hug you. OMG and those beautiful flowers that just take over the whole tree. She is related to the Tamarind and mimosa tree and she is a native of Madagascar. In South Florida you can find them every where.

They line the streets.

This one is from my neighbor in the back.

This one is from my neighbor in front of my house.

This one is from down the street.

Yes, this one is mine. One or two lonely blooms. There is always next year.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I've been neglecting my garden blog.

I've been MIA here at my garden blog, cause I've been blogging about my scrapbooking. But, I've been working in my garden, well is sooooo hot that I do most of my garden work late afternoon. I've haven't done much planting cause is not a good time in the middle of this hot summer. I've mainly been cleaning and fertilizing. My water pump just gave out on me and I have to replace it soon or I'm going to be sorry when I get my next water bill.

These cuties are from my miniature rose bush, it's blooming like crazy and I display them every chance I get.

I finally got to paint this little set, it was originally white but, now it matches the little shelves in the background.

My stag horn is growing so much, it must be cause she is so happy there. I think I finally got the lighting right.

This is my second time getting coconuts, now if I could only open them. I'm afraid of the machete.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We've had an unusually long cool winter so I thought I try more impatiens. It's late in the season for them but, lets see how they do. I'll keep you posted.


Spend some time this weekend in the Redlands. I love that part of South Florida, it's like you're not even in the city. This is one of my fav. Orchid nursery and every time he has lectures I'm there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My humble little house in the spring time.

I've been neglecting my front yard for a while, so now that it looks nice I want to show it to you. This is my little house yes, is there some where behind all the foliage. So far I still have it under control. I'm not really planting anything new in the front yard. I really have no room, I think.

These coconut trees are kinda new, a few years. I had to replace the other ones died, just got sick all of a sudden.

Yes, my front is there some where.

This path we put in about 8 years ago and I want to do something different, but what??? These ferns need a little help.

This is my favorite feature of the front yard. This fountain we put about six years ago. It was really hard to find a cute small fountain, they are all huge and I wanted it to be proportional to the house. I faux painted with a glazed and then sealed the color in with a good paint sealer. It's going on six years and it looks great. I have a bird feeder near it and is such a treat see all the beautiful birds come for a nibble and a drink. Actually my neighbor Ron's cat is always napping under the fountain, smart kitty.

I wish I could keep the inpatients all year long.

This little mulched path leads to the side gate.