Saturday, January 30, 2010

Look what's my kitchen?

I'm a gardener not a cook. This picture goes to show you how little time I spend in my kitchen. I just notice these sweet potatoes sprouting. I was going to cook them I swear.

This is my sweet LULU waiting for her dinner. I wish I could bring her inside the house, I feel so bad, she is out there all alone. Sometimes she sleeps in the back porch. Sometimes I can't find her. I even have to pet her with a garden glove on. I'm so allergic, but I love her so.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


If I only would of not taken sooooo many tea breaks. What a beautiful day.
PRODUCTIVE????? A little bit. I would do a little something and then sit in my favorite spot.

I'm still cleaning up from the cold snap we had a few weeks ago. I guess everything is nice and dried out by now.
This is my front yard, OMG what a mess and you should see the back yard. The back yard has to wait till next week, I have to give MY back a break.

Every time I garden I think of my dad. I once caught him trying to straighten up after some weeding. I was young and full of energy, he explain that getting old just creeps up on you and one day you realize you can't do what you use to, even though your brain is telling you that you can. Well, do I know now what he meant!

This little guy looked so cute. This Star burst tree had blooms, it looked great. Well I had to cut it back a bit.

This Alamanda gone too!

This baby Bougainvillea took a beating too, I didn't have the heart to cut her back, but I know I have to.

This ground cover was green and full. This little planting area is right at the corner of front property. It gets the wind all the time.

Dollar weeds anyone....... They have taken over my front yard. The weeding has gotten away from me!!! I spend most of my time today weeding and weeding, OMG what a mess.
But, I so enjoyed it! What a glorious day, the weather was perfect. Sunny, cool and a bit windy, just a great gorgeous day!

These stepping stones go from the front porch to the side of the drive way. I put them myself and I love how they turned out. LOOK, even the grass got all dried up.

WEEDING - WEEDING - WEEDING. This area is my favorite, can't wait to show you once I weed it and mulch it. It's going to look great again!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm having a huge vintage blog giveaway at my scrapbooking blog and my garden friends are welcome to enter, if you think it may interest you!!!

WITH ALL........

This is my first RAK/Blog Giveaway. I just wanted to give thanks to all of you wonderful ladies out there in scraplandia. I have been so moved and inspired by your kindness and I'm soooo very greatful.
I found all these great goodies while visiting friends in Alabama during my christmas getaway.
All you have to do to enter is:
1. Leave me a comment on my blog ( my garden blog to my garden friends).
2. Follow my blog.
3. Subscribe to my YouTube channel.( my garden friends only if you want).
4. Post a link on your BLOG about the giveaway.

LOOK here!

Monday, January 11, 2010


This movie is totally awesome, it takes place in this magical garden setting. I know, I know the movie has a powerful message. But, I want to see it again for the gardens. OMG the plants are "out of this world" . The moss like growth on the ground lights up as they walk on it, SOOOO BEAUTIFUL. I can't say enough.......A MUST SEE!

WARNING...... My hubby could not watch the whole movie in 3D. He felt nauseous and sick, we had to go to a regular theater, he just could not see it in 3D. So we only watch about, maybe half an hour. It's so strange because I'm, the one with the weak stomach???
It's just unbelievable in 3D. Go see it, I know you will not be disappointed.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Savage cold front hitting Miami tonight.

As temperatures approach frost or freezing tonight, I guess I'm as ready as I can be. This is my vegetable garden area. I'm praying that the wood fence and this tarp will offer the protection my veggies will need. I already have two tomatoes!

This is how I've tucked my orchids in these past few days. I never thought I would need a space heater in Miami. I have watered them and placed them as high in the green house as possible. Lets see what happens tomorrow. We're expecting the coldest night tonight.

The orchids that are attached to trees I wrap them like this during the day. At night I put a plastic bag over the cloth cover. I guess all things considered we are not that bad off. OMG I've been watching the new, we all need to pray for the folks in Nebraska.

Wanted to also share what happened in my back garden today. These wild vines, I don't know what they're called, but they sure are pretty. I love how they can just take over some of these giant Arecas. I just love how natural that looks. But, the vine can weigh heave on the Arecas and then.....

Look what happened, this poor Areca could not bend any more. I think these strange gusts of winds have not helped any. Well, it was beautiful while it lasted, that's nature for ya.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I LOVE ALABAMA!!! Just got back from a much needed get away.
My first time there, and I got just what I wanted, some cool weather. Now I'm back home in Miami and guess what. We had frost last night. Talk about getting your prayers answered.

I went with my sister to welcome the new year in Alabama. My sister goes every year to visit her friends Beth and Rocky, Rocky and my brother-in-law are old Army buddies. Beth came to Miami last summer for the first time, we had lots of fun showing her the town.

She extended an invitation for me to also come along and visit. was so great! They live just outside of Enterpise, in a gorgeous country setting. The drive to her home is through these beautiful cotton fields, all white, just gorgeous and it looked like snow. I finally got to meet her children and her her mom, I've heard so much about them, I felt like I knew everyone.

This is what I woke up to every morning.

This was the best part of our trip. A real bonfire. It was cold and it was so great. Loooooooved it!!!

Look at these beauties!!!

Pansies everywhere, how beautiful. These are my moms favorite flowers and I make sure I get some for Easter. Easter is when we get our Pansies here in Miami.

This is the entrance to the home. All this country beauty welcomes you in.

This is an inside look at Beth's home, she is an artist of all things primitives. She actually builds and paints furniture. It was such a treat to have stayed in her warm and welcoming country home, surrounded by all of her art.

This is Beth and my sister.

This is Rocky, a 28 year retired Army pilot. I found it so fascinating when I saw what this guy, in the middle of Alabama, was doing. Supposedly if you throw some water out of your house right at midnight, It brings you good luck. He asked if we did that in Miami, I told him I was a christian and I did not believe in luck. He then explained that his mom did it and he wanted to follow the Cuban tradition.

Here is this guy that has traveled all over the world, served his country and married to an American and still following a piece of his Cuban heritage.
That got me thinking of how grateful and fortunate I am to be part of two cultures. I love it, thank you GOD !!!