Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I'm embarrassed to show you all I've been able to yield from my Herb garden so far. These cold snaps are doing a number on my entire garden. But, my Herbs have taken the brunt of it. That's ok, it will soon warm up.

I think an Herb garden is one of the most beautiful and rewarding things I get from my gardening experience.
Yes I LOVE flowers, but I find my Herb garden so enjoyable. Herbs were one of the first things I ever grew and I've been in love with them ever since. I of course only use organic Blood Meal and my special soil recipe.
These are a few of my favorite HERBS:
Basil - Mint - Dill - Oregano - Rosemary - Sage - Lavender - Parsley - Thyme

This is my Catnip. I love the scent of it, I think is because I can tell that it's a member of the mint family and I love the smell of mint. Catnip gives a
harmless "high" to felines and I think they react more to the smell than the taste of it. Well this is what happened to mine, after my beautiful Lulu got to it.

I had great results last year with my Basil, from seeds. I'm going to try it again. Last year I made enough Pesto, that I was able to share with all my 3 sisters and my mom. It was so delish with the pine nuts- Yumm!

It was easy to find a spot for them, since my new herb bed was empty.


  1. I'd say your kitty did love the catnip. Poor plant!

    I grow herbs too but never have from seed. Gotta have basil. I just love it!

  2. Dear Marlene, thank you so much for your concern on our tragedy, your words and prayers really mean a lot. Devastation here is much more than t.v. shows... thanks god where I live, up in the mountains and far from the sea this biggest earthquake was no harmful at all, just a huge movement.
    Best regards,
    Maria Cecilia

  3. I have the same problem, this year has been a disaster, I am waiting a couple of weeks before I replenish my herb garden.

  4. Hello Marlene,
    I looove Herb Gardens, and I always make pesto too. Can't wait to plant some basil, I usually purchase the plants, and use seeds for parsley only.
    Happy Spring and happy gardening!

  5. O I just love it, its a shame I carnt cut you off some herbs from my plant and you can propergate them on from there. I wish you lived closer, we would have a BALL girl. We are nearly comming into Autum, not been much of a summer for us, not like in past years, but I guess thats all around the world. Im waiting for my pumpkins to get bigger for winter supply. I have all the herbs and rosemary and chives, garlic and marjoram. I have some that are for colognes only not for cooking.