Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is what's left of my tomatoes and my herb garden.
I'm going to wait a bit longer to make sure all the cold weather is gone and I'm going to try a few more herbs again. I think I've never seen weather this cold for so long in Miami.

My miniature Roses are doing really well, they love this cool weather. I have tried reg. Rose and I just don't do well with them, so now I just have these cuties.

Some of my potted beauties.

I thought I would do some yard work today and I did a little bit, I picked up a few dead leaves and did some weeding. Then I decided to take my sewing machine outside and catch up on my sewing. I had to share these pictures of my girls relaxing by the pool on this beautiful Sunday.


  1. marlene, Im sure the tom's will recover, dont pull them out ah!!!!!, we leave tham in, it makes them harder from the cold snap, they should come back real good, and sweet, something with a cold spell tends to give them a pep up so to speck. Im sorry but your wee doggies have stolen the show, thay are so adorable, such reall cuties!!!! NOW THATS CUTE!!!

  2. Those "girls" are just adorable Marlene. And aren't you smart taking your sewing machine outside to enjoy.

  3. It's not fair! Look at that sun and beautiful tropical plants!
    Beautiful atmosphere, make me want summer more than spring!
    Thanks for the pictures that heat just admiring it.
    Two adorable miss! ;)

  4. I wouldn´t believe, if I don´t see it, how your garden looks so tropical and then I see roses and more roses over there... I thought roses where very difficult to cultivate in weathers like yours.
    Maria Cecilia
    p.s. your dog is the prettiest!!