Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My humble little house in the spring time.

I've been neglecting my front yard for a while, so now that it looks nice I want to show it to you. This is my little house yes, is there some where behind all the foliage. So far I still have it under control. I'm not really planting anything new in the front yard. I really have no room, I think.

These coconut trees are kinda new, a few years. I had to replace the other ones died, just got sick all of a sudden.

Yes, my front is there some where.

This path we put in about 8 years ago and I want to do something different, but what??? These ferns need a little help.

This is my favorite feature of the front yard. This fountain we put about six years ago. It was really hard to find a cute small fountain, they are all huge and I wanted it to be proportional to the house. I faux painted with a glazed and then sealed the color in with a good paint sealer. It's going on six years and it looks great. I have a bird feeder near it and is such a treat see all the beautiful birds come for a nibble and a drink. Actually my neighbor Ron's cat is always napping under the fountain, smart kitty.

I wish I could keep the inpatients all year long.

This little mulched path leads to the side gate.

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  1. OMG!!!!!! I would die for your house, gosh marleen all your plants and tropical tree's just love your place. Are their orchids, growing, in the 3rd photo up on the right side??? I have orchids but there the cumbiduim Orchid, which are due to flower in the next 2months. Just love your garden
    Arohanui X :-)