Monday, February 21, 2011


I have to admit that my scrapbooking blog has been taking most of my free time. I've been working hard on my garden but, not taking pictures of my progress. I'm hoping to start blogging again on a regular basis.

This post is about an invitation I got from my client Virginia. She asked if I accompanied her to visit a friend's green house. I said yes of course, and I'm so glad I did. He was so nice and we had a great time sharing ideas and learning a few new tips.

This is what I like to use too. But, kinda very hard to find now cause they come from Venezuela. Thank God I have plenty left from my last order.

Keeping it simple, love it.

This is what he uses to aerate the green house.

This is what he uses to heat the green house in those rare cold nights here in south Fla. This is an oil heater, there is oil inside the coils. I have to research this cause I love the explanation he gave us on using this type of heaters.

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