Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can't find any lizards in Miami...... I hate to think what happend to them.

I was looking for Lizards this weekend and I could not find a single one. Yes, that bad cold snap..... Well I love lizards, so I thought I show you my small garden lizard collection. But, I sure want to see real ones soon!


  1. Oh these are so adorable Marlene, especially the last one. Did you do them? We have Gecko's like little lizards, and they are native to New Zealand, a Dark Brown and a really bright green, and a tiny one called a skink. I must put some photos up of the. Yours are probbly under the cool plant cause it must be bloddy HOT over your way??? Love Yah XX

  2. I like your lizard collection Marlene. We have the real variety around here a lot when the weather is warmer.

  3. I didn't even think about the lizards and other reptiles that probably didn't do too well in your cold weather. Hope you get some visiting soon.
    What a neat collection of garden lizards you have! They are all so different from each other. I love that kind of decor in a garden.

  4. Marlene darling you cannot find any and my daughter who lives in California was just complaining last week that her garden in full of lizards. May be they migrated from Miami!!!! Darling thanks so much for visiting me and for the sweet comments you leave behind, you are a treasure.

    Love & Hugs