Thursday, February 11, 2010


It seems that I'm always working on the back yard. If I have time and energy I'll do a little work on the front yard. But,, not this year, I vow to myself that I'm not neglecting the front yard. So I've started with the make over. I'm doing a section at a time.
The weather lately has been divine. I LOVE Miami in the winter time! Today's weather was in the 50s, just glorious.

These Bromeliads are so happy, here under my so loved Royal Poinciana tree. This tree I planted about 3 years ago and I wast told it was not going to grow as tall as the traditional Royal Poinciana ( I'm still not sure what that means), cause if it does I'm in big trouble with hubby.

I love these little guys, I think they are some kind of ferns. I pick them all the time, they make great fillers for when my hubby gets me flowers and I want to spruce them up a bit.

This spot also needs a little bit of help.

These Traveling Palms ( I think that's what they are called) line the drive way. I had the most beautiful Fish Tail Ferns planted as ground cover under the palms, but this cold snap got to them. I had to pull them out and now I don't know what to plant. I might put them back, cause I loved how it looked. That's a project I will so need my hubby for.

This little cluster of plants, including this Lady Palm, is hiding a secret sitting area. I have a little iron chair behind there. It's great cause I rest there ( a lot) and no one can see me from the street.

This Hoya vine has bee all over my garden, first I had her in the back terrace. Now she make the end of the drive way her new home. This plant is special, I've had her over 15 years. All I've done is change the soil with my potting soil recipe and re-pot every other year. That seems to work just fine. I wish all my potted plants were as easy as my Hoya.

This terracotta planter is nestled in between these ferns. These impatiens are happy here under this little palm tree. My impatiens seem to do great in planters.


  1. Oh I love your tropical gardens. Wish I could have a few of those plants here.

    I think the ferns you didn't know the name of are Foxtail asparagus ferns. I like how light and airy looking they are.

  2. Hi Marlene,
    OMG U & I Have a lot in common. I love gardening, I have so much to do with mine as I have New Zealand Native plants growing and my Orchids have to be repotted ready for the winter. I just love the Hoya, we have a native one with has a wonderful sent, its in flower now so will take a photo of it once I get the camera back. Th Sweet potatoe growing is cool, We call that Kumera (I have some in the veg garden along with Maori Potatoes off all different colours. Love this Blog, I just got Laura's garden kit, its awesome, Carnt wait to fill it up. Will keep intouch.
    Love love Love Ur garden and your pets.