Sunday, March 20, 2011


At least not on my side of the fence lately. But, I have a few tricks up my sleeves. One of my favorite scent in the whole world is the smell of fresh cut grass. Sometimes when the lawn guy is cutting my grass I open most of my windows a bit just take the smell of fresh cut grass in. Other times I wait till he's done and I sit in my chair behind the Lady Palm with my favorite book, a glass of ice tea and just take it all in.

What I do for a healthy beautiful lawn is, I use Weed and Feed in the spring time and fall. I also, in early spring to mid summer feed my lawn with watter soluble Peterson 20/20 plant food. The grass loves 20/20!!! But, once every few years you just need to layout new patches of grass and that's ok too.

I've also been working on relocating some rocks, mulching a path and planting a few things. The weather has been great, and I find myself looking forward to yard work. If it would only stay this cool and crisp for a little while longer.

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