Thursday, March 24, 2011


Ok during these hard times we all have to cut corners some how. So I had a decision to make. I usually mulch twice a year, during spring and fall. Well this year I had to decide. Do I much twice with cheap mulch or do I mulch once with the beautiful red mulch that I love???? I went for the red mulch!

This is the path that leads to the hidden pool pump, only I use it.

This is the front yard all dressed up with new beautiful red mulch, I love it.

I got these stone containers when we added the long, almost to the floor french windows that frame our from door. I usually plant impatience in them but, this year I'm going to try pink Begonias, they'll make for a beautiful view from inside the house.

How I deal with a bald spot. I find the healthiest and fullest fern in the nursery, I divided him in half and problem solved.

My seedlings have sprouted and I can't wait to taste the Pesto.

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