Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's about time I started a garden blog. But I draw the line with books on tape. There is something about the sound and the smell of the paper as you turn a book page. I have always kept garden journals for the benefit of my seasonal planting, soil information and suppliers; you know all that goooood stuff.
I have a favorite garden journal, it's falling apart, it's old and dirty and I love it. Even when I lived in an apartment and my garden was my balcony, I kept a journal and I still have it. But, I'm new to blogging......So here I gooooooooooo!!!!!


I thought I'd welcome you with these lovely pictures of this cute kitty cat. She kind of adopted us, after her family had to move due to these challenging times. I still can't understand how any one can leave a pet behind, but who am I to judge?
She comes every afternoon and we feed her, after my husband's thorough research of the best cat food.
I'm very allergic to cats, so when I give her some love I have to cover my mouth with a wet cloth and put a sock over my hand and then I can pet her. She loves it, because there is nothing quite like the human touch. Isn't she a beauty, I think she knows it - she poses.

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