Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall season, Miami style.

It's fall. But, in Miami I think of it as spring. Yes, spring because now is when I plant my vegetables and herbs. The weather today was great, coooool and dry. I love it!!!!!
I'm so behind, with all the garden work specially in the little area bed that I plant my vegetables and herbs. It's a very small area and I'm really selective as to how I use it. I feel so blessed and thankful that I have a spot for them.
I need to mix my dirt and still clean up a bit more. I'm going to go to HD tomorrow for some much needed supplies and maybe I can pick up a few of my favorite herbs.

I have to take more picture of my back yard and you will see. I made some mistakes, we've covered with cement most of the back yard area. We have no lawn in the back, this is really good news for my husband. But, it leaves me with not many spots to actually garden on. I can do a lot in containers, I have some experience from my balcony days.

This is the path from the green house to the pool. This is an older picture because this little path is tiled now, but it looks some what the same. Not really, LOOK I just notice the size of the coconut trees, so little.

This is a look from the one end of the pool to the path, in the distance. The rambling hedge between the two coconut trees conceal the pool pump. You can't even tell, I love it!!!

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  1. This time of the year is the reason weall live in South Florida. Good luck with your planting.